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NEET PG 2013: Supreme Court to hear case today

February 19, 2013 by amit in Top News

Supreme Court will hear NEET PG 2013 case today. It is expected that the verdict will be out today. The last date of the NEET case hearing was on February 14.

NEET PG case (T.C.(C)No.98/2012) has been added to the final cause list for February 19. It has been listed as item no. 8 for Court no.1. The court will be in session till 4 pm.

Discussions were held across social media forums and websites carrying live updates of the case. One site suggested that it may take another six to seven hearings before NEET PG students can expect a verdict.

A verdict can only be reached once the Supreme Court releases a final cause list.

The delay in reaching a verdict has led to a lot of stress and uncertainty amongst students who have taken to protests and the social media to express their dismay and anger.

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